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We are the leading Performance Marketing, Social and SEO agency north of London with offices in Thirsk and Sheffield.

Gorilla Agency is a north of England-based digital marketing and SEO agency with offices in the heart of Yorkshire. Our Search Marketing, Social and Search Engine Optimisation consultancy services follow world class best practices.
Our Search, Social, Email and SEO Marketing services are trusted by international organisations, local and central governments, small and medium-sized companies and charitable associations, both in the UK and across the world.

We consider ourselves the leading digital marketing and SEO agency north of London.

At the heart of our ethos is transparency, simplicity and clarity, while our experience has been one of delivering excellent reults, day in, day out.  Our long list of delighted customers is evidence of this.

Fuelled by our overwhelming desire to get results, we are a self-motivated team, dedicated to your success.  As a consequence, we have a renowned reputation of being one of the leading SEO Consultants in the UK.

When we manage your SEO account, we assign a dedicated SEO consultant who prepares a bespoke work package that is monitored and updated on a monthly basis.

We record every task and activity performed on your behalf, to ensure there is a full audit trail.  We also track changes against your site’s performance in the search engines.

Each of our SEO consultants are supported by SEO analysts who produce reports and carry out technical updates on your site.

Wherever you are located in the UK, Europe or the rest of the world, we are well placed to support you.  We have clients in London, Manchester, Liverpool and even Geneva, Switzerland, all served by our highly skilled and focused team.

Ranking you higher in Google

Let’s face it.  Google is the only search engine that really matters.

Of course, there are other search engines out there, but as of July 2019 Google held over 92% of the search engine market share.

It is for this reason we concentrate on ranking your site as high as possible within the Google search engine for your targeted pages and keywords.  We do this through our proven in-house SEO methodology that blends a range of technical activities with more traditional marketing techniques.

When your site ranks well in Google for your targeted page, you will be found more often and more visitors will visit your site, leading to increased brand awareness and sales.

Comprehensive SEO

When it comes to SEO, it’s a bit of a jungle out there!

That’s why Gorilla Agency likes to be as transparent as possible with its customers. We explain what we do and why we’re doing it.

Proper SEO needs to be all-embracing, taking into consideration many different elements. If one of these elements is dropped or missed off, then we will not be able to reach the objectives we set out to achieve.

When performing your SEO we will build a strategy that considers all the technical aspects of your website, as well as site content, site structure and online reputation.

We have our own team of IT specialists and website developers and so can easily and effectively carry out the changes required on your site.

  • NWebsite content
  • NWebsite navigation & speed
  • NMobile design
  • NSearch Engine Indexation
  • NSite Structure
  • NLinks and External Reputation
  • NStructured Data Markup
  • NTrust Signals

SEO Packages – at a glance

You Campaign Timeline

Although no two SEO campaigns are ever the same, we do tend to operate a common model that had stood the test of time, and based upon industry best practices.

Your campaign will typically consist of two distinct phases, although the activities carried out, and the length of each phase will differ from client to client, depending on their campaign goals and budget:


Phase One

Phase One (typically a few months) will focus on the overall strategy, market research, setting up reporting structures and onsite optimisation.

1.1 Consultation with client

The team will consult thoroughly with you, understand your business, your marketing objectives, your products, target demographics and your previous experience in digital marketing.

2.2 Research

SEO is not a dark art or magic.  Websites can be analysed and compared to other sites to determine why one ranks better than the other for certain keywords.  During this step we perform keyword, competitor and industry research which will become the bedrock of your campaign.

2.3 Reporting KPIs

Before engaging on any work that will directly impact your site, we set up our reporting structure and KPIs, taking benchmark reports of your current ranking.  We implement site monitoring, integrating these to third party tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.  These tools allow us to monitor our progress going forward and to assess the impact of changes we make.

2.4 Gorilla Audit Master™

We use our own in-house and patent-pending Gorilla Audit Master tool to conduct a comprehensive audit of your site. This identifies any issues with regards to broken links, HTML syntax errors, page structure, load speed performance and other onsite technical SEO problems.

2.5 Mobile Friendly, Speed, and User Experience Review

Gorilla Agency will review your site for use with mobile and tablet devices, load speed performance and the overall user experience, including navigation, calls to action and, if your site is E-commerce, ordering and checkout functionality.

During this step, we implement our recommended changes using our experienced web developers, realising immediate benefits to your site.

2.6 Onsite Improvements

As an extension of the previous step, we embark on a piece of work that extends across every page of your site, fixing the issues identified in our website audit and optimising each page for the search engine crawlers.

Our list of tasks includes (but is not limited to):

  • Header tag optimisation
  • Alt attribute optimisation
  • Image compression
  • CSS, JS file caching and minification
  • Sitemap creation and submission
  • Content structure
  • Meta titles, descriptions etc
  • Implementation of 301 redirects
  • Internal links and anchor text optimisation
  • Correction of faulty code
  • Broken links and correction of 404 errors
  • SEO specific code designed specifically for your site by one of our SEO consultants
  • Rationalisation of plugins
  • Ahref tags for international businesses
  • Canonical tags
  • Duplicate content

2.7 Backlink Analysis

We perform extensive analysis of both internal and external backlinks.

For external backlinks we will identify any external link spam that may potentially be harming your ranking in the search engines.  These links are either removed or disavowed.  As part of this review we also compare the backlinks of some key competitors and analyse how they support your competitor’s site performance.

For internal backlinks we ensure your internal links target your priority pages, ensuring valuable link juice is not diluted on less relevant pages.


Phase two

After the completion of Phase One, your SEO consultant will then move on to Phase Two, which consists of activities designed to increase your site’s subject matter authority.  We use social media, digital public relations, informational and expert content, link building (internal and external), and the use of structured meta data.

2.1 Social media

We often recommend a short social media campaign to start straight away after we have optimised your site to immediately drive traffic and new customers.  This will run in parallel to the remaining tasks, giving ample time to build up followers while we concentrate of generating informational content.

2.2 Content creation

We deploy our copywriters to work with you to create powerful, informational, useful and engaging content that users will link to organically.  We never write for the sake of writing, but rather write original content for targeted audiences.

This is not so much as a step, as an ongoing process that continues indefinately.

2.3 Link building

This goes hand in hand with content creation, as we do not pay for, or generate poor quality links.  Links must be created naturally and organically, and the way this happens is through informational content that users find useful.

2.4 Structured data/schema markup

Gorilla Agency will implement structured data throughout your website.  By creating rich snippets in the search engine results, your site will benefit from enhanced calls to action, improving your click-through-rate.

2.5 Conversion rate optimisation

This is an ongoing activity that we perform to continually improve your conversion rates.  We monitor the performance of the key pages of your site, and work to improve your calls to action, bounce rates, and overall user experience.  We work towards achieving ‘best in class’ conversion rates for your industry.

Other related services

For many of our clients we build comprehensive digital marketing strategies that extend beyond merely the optimisation of their sites for search engines.  We also design and implement strategies for their paid advertising and social & email marketing.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

We build effective paid media strategies that generate leads, increase sales and drive top line growth.

Social & Email Marketing (SEM)

With 98% of customers remembering companies they see on Facebook, social media is more than just a place to connect with friends.

OUR CASE Studies

We are not ones to brag, but we’ve done some pretty cool work over the years, creating sites that have generated thousands of pounds of extra business for our clients.

Check out some of our work below.


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