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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search (Engine) Marketing is the promotion, selling, and advertising of your business or products through the search engine networks of Google, Yahoo, Excite, and others.

Search marketing can be categorised into two broad types: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.

SEO is the continued process of optimising a website, building engaging and informative content, and building quality links to increase a site’s authority.  Effective and professional SEO services will ensure a site appears higher up in the search results when its targeted keywords are searched for in any major search engine.

PPC advertising allows a company to appear immediately in search results in a prominent position, by paying search engines for each ‘click’ the advert receives.  By clicking on the advert the user is taken directly to the company’s own website.  The advertiser can choose exactly which keywords will trigger the advert appearing and has the ability to track the user all the way to conversion, providing much control over the entire process.

Content Marketing Services

Do you ever wonder what really drives traffic to your site? The answer is simple.  Informative content.

Internet users are looking for information.  Whether that be an answer to a question, the whereabouts of a company, or the price or availability of a product.

And, if you are the one who is able to provide that answer, or to provide information with regards to the product, then there is a chance they will come to your site, and if you are lucky, then will even link to your site, either from their own website, social media, or by creating a favourite in their browser.

So, the answer is to be able to provie useful, informative, and engaging content to give users a reason to visit your page.

At Gorilla Agency, we provide well written, and bespoke content for our clients on a daily basis, driving them right to the top of Google for their targeted keywords.  We are not just good at this.  We excel at it.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) services focuses on increasing the rate of internet users who perform a desired action on your site, such as filling in a contact form, clicking on a certain link, or purchasing a certain product.

When we increase your conversion rate, you will get more out of your existing site, increasing your site’s overall effectiveness and usefulness to your business.  We generate more leads, more customers, more sales. 

Link Building

Even with all the changes to Google’s search algorithms over all these years, links are still the bedrock of the search engines.

But link building is no longer about quantity, but rather quality.  Extremely poor quality, spammy links, can now actually hurt your site’s rankings, and should be disavowed.

The key, when building links, is to create quality, relevant and authoritiative links that are organically and naturally created.

Search Analytics Services

Search Marketing is ineffective unless it is properly monitored, with its data analysed and reported against key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our search analytics consultancy services does just that.  We setup comprehensive reporting systems to track the performance of your marketing campaign, analysing every impression, click and conversion along the way.  This information continuosly feeds into our revised strategy, providing a continous refinement of your PPC or SEO plan.

Clients who consult with us with regards to their marketing analytics find they are able to improve their digital marketing performance by up to 15%.

Here to help

Gorilla Agency is the leading search engine marketing agency north of London, located in the heart of Yorkshire.  We provide a wide range of search marketing services including SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Performance Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Digital Brand Awareness Campaings.

We consistently strive to do the right, be the very best, and to focus on our customers.  We realise that each digital marketing campaign that we design must realise a substantial return for our client.

Contact us today for a FREE, non-obligation consultation and price quote.  We promise, we don’t bite 😉


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Search Marketing Services

What is Search Engine Marketing? Search (Engine) Marketing is the promotion, selling, and advertising of your business or products through the search engine networks of Google, Yahoo, Excite, and others. Search marketing can be categorised into two broad types: Search...
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