Screenprint & Display

project directives

Screenprint & Display Ltd, a UK leader in the manufacture and supply of Point-of-Sale (POS) displays, were keen to increase their online presence with a catalogue-style website.  They approached Gorilla Agency to discuss their requirements.

Gorilla Agency recommended developing a CMS website based upon the WordPress framework as this would give them the flexibility and adequate functionality for their needs.

The project directives were as follows:

  • Develop a new B2B catalogue-style website with a modern look and feel
  • Demonstrate what services and products the company provides in a clearer way
  • Strengthen the company’s online brand
  • Increase the number of customer enquiries coming through the website
Screenprint and Display, website design
the look and feel

The original website was bland, out-dated and lacked visual impact.

Gorilla Agency developed a site that brought the company’s online brand to life:


  • Long, drawn-out pages were segmented in a clearer way, to make them easier for the consumer to digest
  • New font families were used and the use of a new typographic hierarchy was implemented for legibility
  • Colours were taken from their historic logo to ensure brand awareness wasn’t compromised
Screenprint and Display, website design
The outcome

Screenprint and Display Ltd launched a stunning new B2B WordPress website which has been a huge success.  The site comprehensively demonstrates the company’s range of products & services and is both desktop and mobile-friendly.

The design also met the terms of the objective of strengthening the brand, and a new logo has been incorporated into the company’s brochures and printed promotional material.

Screenprint and Display, website design
OUR CASE Studies

We are not ones to brag, but we’ve done some pretty cool work over the years, creating sites that have generated thousands of pounds of extra business for our clients.

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