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Edge Stickers approached Gorilla Agency to design and build a new eCommerce website to improve their eCommerce and online sales.

The legacy website contained bugs and was not optimised for the search engines.  It was also rather ‘heavy’, slow and not mobile-friendly or ‘responsive’.  Customers were visiting the site but were leaving without purchasing.  Conversion rates were low.

Edge Stickers wanted a site that was user-friendly and optimised for search engines like Google and Bing.

Gorilla Agency proposed to build a mobile-friendly eCommerce website built upon the WooCommerce framework.

Edge Stickers, ecommerce website design
custom pricing logic

Edge Stickers is a leading manufacturer of custom made stickers and offers stickers in many different formats and with numerous options.  They do not sell standard ‘off the shelf’ products.  Rather, they sell products that are sold by the amount of material used, and are highly customised.

To sell such products online, Gorilla Agency designed and built a powerful custom price calculator that would provide an instant price and quotation for any variation of the product.  This allows the customer to choose any size sticker, at any quantity, and for any shape, and to add any one of the many customised options.  The pricing engine calculates the correct price and instantly provides this to the customer, who then can add this to their basket of goods and checkout.

Online payment functionality was included in the design, allowing the customer to securely pay for their order in complete safety.

The finished product was packed full of functionality allowing the customer to easily manage each order using customised workflows, aligned to Edge Sticker’s operational processes.

Edge Stickers, leading UK sticker company
The Outcome

The build of the new eCommerce site for Edge Stickers was a huge success.

The site has since generated thousands of pounds worth of orders for the company and has ranked well in the search engines, and is found for many of its key terms and pages.

A powerful backend was delivered to the customer to allow them to manage all orders from order placement through to delivery.  The sight was configured with Google Analytics to allow the company to track visitors and user experience across the site.


Edge Stickers, ecommerce website design
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